Henry Sutton, The Innovative Man: Australian Scientist, Inventor and Engineer. Lorayne Branch is the great granddaughter of Henry Sutton and has spent 10 years meticulously researching and documenting Henry Sutton’s life and work to bring the detailed account of this extraordinary and innovative Australian. Henry Sutton’s inventions and contribution to science has been a part of the evolution of many inventions, including the light globe, telephone, battery, television and wireless technology all of which are now part of our everyday lives. His contribution to Australian and world innovation has been methodically researched and documented in this book and is the first fully documented account of this forgotten and unrecognised extraordinary Australian. The book will be launched early December and will be available from the Ballarat Heritage Services Bookshop https://ballaratheritage.com.au/bookshop/. For further information contact Lorayne Branch at lorayne.branch@gmail.com