Dr.-Ing. Andreas Eckardt, Head of the Optical Sensors and Electronics Department at the German Aerospace Centre speaks to Eddie Custovic, Chairman of the IEEE Victorian Section.

Dr. Eckhardt discusses the advancements in earth observation using advanced imaging systems, satellites and the challenges faced in getting instruments into space.

About Dr. Andreas Eckardt
Diplom in Theoretical Electronically and Communications Engineering, University Ilmenau

Scientist at the institute of Space Research of the academy for sciences of the GDR, Department of Optical Signal Processing

1992-1999 Scientist at the DLR institute of Space Sensor Technology, Department of Sensor Systems
1999-2002 Scientist at the DLR institute of Space Sensor Technology and Planetray Exploration, Department, Optical Sensor Technology
Dr. Ing. Digital Camera Design at the Technical University in Berlin

08/2003 Vice Managing Director, of the Department of Optical Information Systems of the DLR
Head of the Department of Optical Sensors and Electronics