On the 19th of May the IEEE Victorian Section in conjunction with the IEEE Standards Association hosted over 30 CEO, General Managers and Senior Executives from industry to an open forum discussion. The event was hosted at the La Trobe University Board Room (360 Collins St). The IEEE Victorian Section had strategically identified more effective industry engagement as a high priority. For this reason we assembled IEEE leaders with industry leaders to discuss what the IEEE can do to better serve the Victorian industry and how the IEEE/Industry can work together in the near future.

The event was opened by the IEEE Victorian Section Chairman, Dr. Eddie Custovic. Eddie provided an overview of the section and what major changes were being brought about to make it more relevant to industry. The section industry relations officer, Dr. Peter Moar provided a short overview of how IEEE can work closely with industry by giving global examples of collaboration.

The IEEE Standards Association was also involved in the event where Sri Chandra from IEEE SA India provided a very detailed overview of the importance IEEE standards play in driving technology research & development.

IEEE Industry Forum Summary



Feedback on Event

Coming out to an IEEE event and in the city is not something I do very often but this trip was certainly worthwhile. Like our much revered local expert, Prof. Jean Armstrong, with whom we are cooperating in the field of OFDM signals, there will be other academics who can help local companies. Therefore, the idea of a list of experts in various fields is really good. Sri’s talk was certainly a highlight yesterday and I don’t recall enjoying the subject of standards ever before. In conclusion: working in isolation – even in the age of an all-pervading internet – is not good for any company. Opening up and exchanging thoughts with others is very beneficial. I would not know where I’d be today without having so many international IEEE experts as friends.   Dieter Pelz, RFS World

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the forum last night. Having spent some time with the RMIT IEEE student chapter, I’m aware of the work that goes into the preparations for this kind of event. It was great to hear the thoughts of others in industry, Dr. Ernest Fardin, RFS World

Thank you very much for inviting me for the industry event this evening and providing me an opportunity to briefly introduce the IEEE Standards Association and also touch upon some current activities. I hope it was useful. I felt the discussion to be very active and engaging. I would like to continue the discussions and ensure that from the IEEE-SA side we are able to support you in your initiatives. Sri Chandra, Director of IEEE Standards Association – India

Australia is last for collaboration between SMEs and last for collaboration between industry and academia. The IEEE Victorian Section is well position to make an impact here. Ray Keefe, Successful Endeavours

I have not attended an IEEE event in 20 years but have been a member for over 30. I am glad I came out to this event. I congratulate Eddie Custovic and the section on a wonderfully organised event. The forum discussion was well moderated and brought up some interesting points. Chris Baharis, Salt Group/ANZ

The IEEE Victorian Section would firstly like to thank Mr. Sri Chandra for flying in all the way from India to attend this event. We thank all industry participants for the excellent engagement and Claudio Insaurralde (Chair, Technology and Enigneering Management) and Marcela Vecino (Vice-Chair, IEEE Young Professionals) for their contributions in organising the event. Lastly, we sincerely thank La Trobe University providing an amazing venue to host this event.