The Victorian Engineering and IT Careers Expo is the first joint career expo between three leading professional bodies representing our profession; Engineers Australia, Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers,  the Institute of Engineering and Technology and one of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions, La Trobe University.

This event has a rich history and was developed in Victoria in 2006 by Engineers Australia based upon a strategy to fill the recruitment gap that has grown in the engineering profession. Since then, the expo has promoted to the public the value of engineering by recognising how engineers “Make It So” in all aspects of everyday living. The expo provides a platform for those seeking employment in engineering and supports of engineering leadership in the community.

The event has become the ultimate event for Australian industries employing engineers and IT professionals to showcase their capabilities to those seeking career path advice and employment information. The expo has been held at Etihad Stadium and Melbourne Town Hall in the past. Working in partnership, IEEE, Engineers Australia, IET and La Trobe University are proud to usher in a new era for this iconic career expo and are pleased to move the expo to the State Library of Victoria.


This event will deliver a world-class exhibition that promotes the employment opportunities in engineering and IT, celebrates Victorian engineering/IT excellence and advocates the importance of engineering leadership within the profession.

  • Cultivate lifelong learning
  • Advance the science and practice of engineering
  • Educate our members and the community
  • Facilitate the development of knowledge and competency
  • Partner with Government, Industry, Education and the community
  • Maintain high professional standards
  • Lead in advocacy for the profession
  • Celebrate engineering excellence
  • Engineers/IT professionals are critical players in driving economic growth
  • Engineering/IT are exciting career pathways
  • Innovation is crucial Australia’s future and Engineering/IT professionals play a major role in this
  • Engineers/IT professionals work to build Australia for future generations
  • Engineers/IT professionals work to protect Australian communities
  • Engineers/IT professionals have standards and integrity so Australians do not suffer
  • Those between 18-24 years old, undertaking an undergraduate engineering or IT course at university.
  • Mid-career engineers/IT professionals looking for new employment opportunities
  • High school students looking to pursue a career in engineering
  • Young professionals in the industry that seek assistance with their career choices
  • Disciplines/career teachers and university lecturers
  • Corporate bodies who associate or are within the engineering industry.