The 2016 Victorian Engineering & IT Career Expo is the single largest expo dedicated solely to Engineering and IT.  Limited to 21 exhibitors and based in the iconic State Library of Victoria, this major expo promises to leave a lasting memory. 

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Careers Fair 25 CROPPED

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Victoria’s largest career expo dedicated solely to engineering and IT. Dont miss out on exhibiting!. As an exhibitor, the event offers you an employer branding opportunity that will serve to distinguish your company from your competitors. Being an exhibitor will not only drive your brand recognition and position your company as an employer of choice, it will also demonstrate your company’s commitment to the development and sustainability of the engineering/IT professions into the future. As an exhibitor, your organisation will be profiled and promoted across the full range of advertising and promotion mediums. For exhibitor inquiries please contact:

Eddie Custovic,


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Collectively, IEEE, Engineers Australia, IET and La Trobe University have a global audience reach which exceeds 1 million. A range of multi-channel marketing communication strategies will be adopted to generate a successful Engineering and IT Careers Expo 2016. These include:

  • Online collateral (National & State Based access)
  • Social Media (Facebook & Linkedin,Twitter)
  • Event media release and public relations activities
  • eNewsletters (EA members & industry stakeholders, IET )
  • Event Alerts + Digital Marketing to EA, IEEE and IET members
  • Print (general, university and industry publications, flyers, posters, community hub alerts, direct marketing)
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Early Bird price:      $ 515.00 inc GST

Standard price:       $ 645.00 inc GST

To register as an exhibitor click here

Table specifications

  • 6 m x 0. 6 m clothed trestle table and two chairs (exhibitor table cloth can be used)
  • 1 x 4amp powerpoint per table (upon request)
  • 2 x lunch boxes + 2 coffee vouchers (additional lunch boxes can be purchased)
  • Space for 2 x banners


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As you prepare your marketing materials and resources for your attendance at the Engineering and IT Careers Expo, we would like to recommend that we expect around 1,000 attendees throughout the day. These attendees include:

  • University students
  • Mid-career engineers looking for new employment opportunities
  • High school students looking to pursue a career in engineering
  • Young professionals in the industry that seek assistance with their career choices
  • Teachers/lecturers and
  • Corporate bodies who associate or are within the engineering
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As part of your booth registration, two catering packs will be provided. Additional catering packs can be provided at a cost of $40 +GST each. We strongly recommend that you and your team bring additional water bottles on the day of the Careers Expo as we will have a water fountain available for exhibitors.


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As an exhibitor, your organisation will be profiled and promoted across the full range of advertising and promotion mediums as outlined below:

  • Logo recognition in emails sent to EA, IEEE and IET members, business and industry contacts
  • Logo recognition in Event Alerts sent to EA, IEEE and IET members, business and industry contacts
  • Logo recognition on EA, IEEE and IET website home page and event page
  • Logo recognition on 10,000 DL Flyers and 200 A3 posters circulated to metro and regional high schools and universities
  • Logo and name recognition through continuous social media (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) posts
  • Logo recognition in industry and tertiary publications
  • Name recognition in Media / Press Releases as determined
  • Logo and name recognition as part of post event survey to all members and guests
  • Logo recognition included in all post event marketing communications and media


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Exhibitor bump in time      09:00 – 10:00

Exhibition commences       10:00

Light lunch delivered          12:00 – 12:30

Exhibition closes                  16:00

Exhibitor bump out time    16:00 – 17:00