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Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality’s Challenges for Society

October 5, 2016 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Augmented Reality is a form of mixed reality technology which overlays virtual constructs on the physical world. A range of extra sensory information related to the virtual constructs is then made available through a technological interface. While providing enjoyment, education and local knowledge, augmented reality games can also lure people into dangerous situations or activities, alter the use of physical spaces against the wishes of property owners, and can exploit environments creating cost for some and profits for others. This talk discuss the societal challenges raised by the release of Augmented Reality game Pokémon Go and some possible approaches game developers, law makers, and society might take to minimize similar risks and challenges from Augmented Reality games in the future.


Dr Andre Oboler is CEO of the Online Hate Prevention Institute and a Distinguished Visitor for the IEEE Computer Society. His previous work on the social implications of technology includes work on Internet hate speech, the promotion of extremism online, and the danger of big data analytics on social media data. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Lancaster University (UK) and a law degree from Monash University.

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