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Antarctic and Southern Ocean Forum 2020

Hobart TAS 7000 Hobart TAS 7000

Forum Topic/Details The Forum will consist of a single stream with encouragement for discussion and questions. Sessions will be organized around the following five themes: 1.  Autonomous observing a.      ROV/AUV/ASV Technology b.      Communications gateways eg surface vehicles c.       Control system development d.      Deep autonomy / under-ice navigation – gliders, Argo floats e.      Atmospheric sampling from land and sea (autonomous balloons, Lidar, Cloud radar and atmospheric profilers), weather stations, moorings f.        Intelligence sensing / sampling g.      Autonomy in a polar environment. 2.     Observation Technologies a.      Atmospheric Lidar, Cloud radar and Atmospheric Profilers b.      Miniaturisation, automation and ruggedization of instrumentation, (multiple    deployment of low cost samplers) c.       Long-term instrument stability, self-calibration d.      Problems of high latitude and long range operation e.      Ice profiling instruments, englacial & sub-glacial instrument deployment, new drilling  technology/methods f.        Acoustics at high latitudes – navigation, data and tomography g.      Advanced drifter technology, h.      Airborne deployment of oceanographic instruments i.        Mission risk assessment j.      Continuous plankton recording k.     In situ fluorometers & particle analysers 3.       Sustained measurements a.      Oceanographic mooring technologies b.      Remote sensing and satellite calibration c.       Animal borne sensors – developments, data streams and methods 4.       Biology and biomass a.      Fisheries and mid-water acoustics b.      Genomics sampling and sensing 5.    Data Science a.      Data Storage – long-term monitoring, swappable data b.      Data Transfer – real time monitoring; event triggering c.       Data processing for new under-ice data sets d.      Instrument communications and tracking

Gender Equity in STEM


IEEE Industry Application Society (IAS) VIC Chapter, IEEE Women in Engineering Student Affinity Group and IEEE Student Branch at the University of Melbourne joint event on "Gender Equity in STEM"   Speakers: Dr. Elaine Wong - Professor at Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion, The University of Melbourne Dr. Leigh Johnston - Associate Professor at Biomedical Engineering, The University of Melbourne Dr. Brooke Farrugia - Senior Lecturer at Biomedical Engineering, The University of Melbourne Dr. Fatemeh Fahiman - Lead Data Scientist at Energy Australia   Zoom link: