The IEEE Victorian Section has partnered with BuzzConf to help promote the exciting event. The conference will be held from 25-27th November at the Phoenix Park, Ballan, Victoria.

BuzzConf looks like a cutting edge tech conference… and it is! A cutting edge, technology, futurism, and innovation conference, where all participants and presenters spend the whole weekend together in a scenic campground rather than in a stuffy conference centre.


Think ‘Burning Man’ – but instead of a desert and hippies, you’re in a green field with 3D-printed Robot Spiders!

The program of talks, workshops, and live music is now on their website at and here are a few of the speakers we’re really excited about:

  • Robotics and AI – Professor Mary-Anne Williams FTSE, Director, Disruptive Innovation, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Blockchain – Nic Hodges, Head of Commercial Innovation for News Corp Australia
  • Space exploration – Paul Fenwick, Internationally acclaimed public speaker, developer, and science educator
  • Wearables, AR, VR & Natural UI – Leila Alem, Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, specialist in AR & VR, Wearable computing and Natural User Interfaces for innovation in business.
  • IoT, Robotics and Machine Learning – Andrew J Fisher, Andy Gelme, and Andy Kitchen (the NodeBots crew)
  • 3D Modelling and 3D Printing – Adam Purdie, Build engineer and CI/CD developer, Odecee
  • Virtual Reality – Stephanie Andrew, professional artist of more than 20 years, and PhD student specialising in VR artwork at Deakin’s Motion.Lab

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