New Victorian IEEE Distinguished Lecturer and Vice-Chair of the Avionics Systems Panel

Professor Roberto Sabatini (RMIT University, Melbourne) has been nominated IEEE Distinguished Lecturer in Aerospace Cyber-Physical Systems and Vice-Chair of the Avionics Systems Panel (ASP). The ASP is a Technical Operations Panel of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society (AESS). The Panel addresses contemporary issues in avionics systems research, design, test, and certification for civil and military applications. Areas of focus include: communications; command and control; navigation; surveillance; manned/unmanned Air Traffic Management (ATM) management; and space systems (launch vehicles, spacecraft and satellites). The ASP monitors, analyses and supports industry and government activities relevant to its technical focus, such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM), the FAA Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) program, and the European Union (EU) Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) program that impact the future of aviation. The high-level goals of the ASP include:

  • To promote and support collaborative research initiatives in the domain of avionics;
  • To promote and support collaborative research in the domain of UAS;
  • To promote and support high-quality IEEE publications in the domain of avionics;
  • To promote and support educational activities in the domain of Avionics;
  • To sustain and oversee the programs of the IEEE/AIAA Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), the Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance Conference (ICNS); and create new conferences or partnerships;
  • To manage the nomination and selection of candidates for IEEE awards in the domain of avionics;
  • To encourage nominations for IEEE Fellows and Senior Members in the domain of avionics;
  • To recommend and support new IEEE standards or revisions of existing IEEE standards pertaining to the domain of avionics; and
  • To establish a liaison and joint work programs with other relevant IEEE societies or professional societies on behalf of AESS to promote unmanned and intelligent systems technologies at current and new conferences.

Membership in the ASP is open to active IEEE members from the aerospace community who desire to advance avionics technology and system capabilities. Currently, the panel includes several standing committees, including: Avionics Research and Innovation (R&I) Committee; Avionics Conference Committee; Awards, Nominations and Elections Committee; Standards Committee; Education Committee; Journal Publications Committee; UAV Panel Committee, and Cyber Security Panel Committee.

If you have an interest in avionics systems design, testing or operations, you can approach Prof. Sabatini at: or by phone at: +61 3 992 58015.

About Prof. Roberto Sabatini

Prof. Sabatini

Roberto Sabatini is a Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Aviation at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia). He has 30 years of experience in aerospace, defence and transport systems design, testing an operations, acquired in progressively more responsible industrial and academic positions in Europe, United States and Australia. Currently, he serves as Chair of the Cyber-Physical and Autonomous Systems Group, Deputy Director (Aerospace) of the Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre, and Director of the Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Laboratory at RMIT University. Professor Sabatini is a Fellow and Executive Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and a Fellow the Royal Institute of Navigation. Throughout his career, he led numerous industry and government-funded research programs on aerospace, defence and intelligent transport/mobility systems, and he has authored or co-authored over 300 publications. He is the recipient of prestigious international and national awards including the NATO-RTO Scientific Achievement Award (2008), the SAE Arch T. Colwell Merit Award (2015), the SARES Science Award (2016), the Northrop Grumman Professorial Scholarship (2017), and the Australian Defence Industry Scientist of the Year Award (2019). In addition to his primary duties at RMIT University and various adjunct/visiting appointments in the US, Europe, Asia and South Africa, Professor Sabatini is a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS), Vice-Chair of the AESS Avionics Systems Panel (ASP), member of the NASA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) Collaborative Testing Initiative, and Australian National Representative at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP), Impact and Science Group (ISG). Currently, he also serves as Editorial Board member for Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Technical Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, Associate Editor for Aerospace Science and Technology, and Associate Editor for the Journal of Navigation.