Presented By : Mr Thor North, Senior Associate, Freehills Patent Attorneys
Date : 2012-10-18, 5.30 pm Networking, 6.00pm Seminar
Location : Conference Room1, Telstra Conference Centre, 242 Exhibition St Melbourne (enter via ground floor esc

Will you be there?
Novelty and inventive step are the cornerstones of patentability and any invention that does not meet these requirements will not be granted a valid patent. Therefore a sound understanding of novelty and inventive step are crucial in making good judgements about patents. In this seminar Thor will explain the legal tests and show the principles of novelty and inventive step in action with a case study.

Thor North is a Senior Associate at Freehills Patent Attorneys. His current practice involves building Australian and overseas patent portfolios and providing related advice for technology intensive companies primarily in the physics, electrical and computing fields. Thor has a strong interest and practice in registered designs and has been involved in protecting the products of some of the world’s top electrical and computer manufacturers as well as design-driven local companies. Thor has experience relating to photonics and optoelectronic devices, microelectromechanical systems and fabrication techniques, radio-frequency identification tags, switchable permanent magnet technology, underwater mapping, remote sensing and satellite positioning system technology. Thor’s experience in the computing and software areas include technologies such as verification and encryption protocols for wireless communications; performance forecasting software, transaction authentication, online financial services and systems, methods for optimising the selection of service providers; methods of data representation and data access for image processing software, knowledge management software and facial feature detection and recognition systems