Presented By : Dr Alan Harvey, Academic and Engineer at RMIT. Member of the IEEE
Date : 2012-10-09, 1pm

Location : Deakin University Burwood Campus. Building T, Room 3.05. (map)

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Recognition of handwritten words is a major challenge in pattern recognition. When including variability due to writer variation, between writers and unlimited lexicon, reliable recognition is a formidable task. Improved algorithms and greater computing power has steadily improved recognition. Recognition may be online or offline, ie with path/velocity data or offline, with only the word patterns. His PhD in machine Vision from Latrobe University was completed in 2005. Seminar will discuss methods of recognition and techniques to reduce writer variation. Performance on certain tasks will be presented. Methods include slope detection, both vertical and horizontal and segmentation methods of letters.

Alan Harvey has researched pattern recognition and handwriting recognition for over 15 years and has many papers in those areas. Presently he gives classes at RMIT University to Electrical Engineers and Chemical Engineers in Power Electronics and Process control in the Electrical Engineering area He has consulted to Caltex and Mobil Australia. As Engineering manager of Automatic Accessories, A major pattern recognition project in passenger counting was completed for Vic Rail. In 2010 he presented the keynote speech at the Business and Engineering conference ICBEA 2010 in Kuala Lumpur. He has presented on Engineering Industry at the Asia Institute at Monash University. He is principal of Acupak Pty Ltd, a supplier of medical electronic equipment.

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