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From the Flight Deck

That there has been an unexpected start to 2020 is an understatement – the whole world is now focused on managing and getting through the COVID-19 pandemic!

This global challenge has impacted us all in one form or another and is forcing us to work together and reinvent many aspects of our lives, including how we work, how we learn, and how we communicate.

Recently, we held our first online video-conferencing meeting of the Section Committee. This venture was a notable success, with very few bugs encountered, and we plan to continue this mode of consultation and reporting in future. By this means we will continue to provide guidance and support for our technical chapters and other subunits. Also, we are presently investigating various ways of running online technical events, with the objective of restoring at least some “normalcy” to our Section program. We will keep members fully informed on the outcome of these trials.

Several months ago, I was one of the presenters at a workshop for high school teachers on the topic of Wearable Technology, as part of the VCE Applied Computing Day. Our event was planned and run by Victorian Section Women in Engineering, and it received very positive feedback from all attending teachers. We are quite passionate about working with technology teachers, as they provide the best means of introducing technical concepts to high school students. For, a well-informed and motivated teacher has much greater influence over his/her young charges than we can ever hope to exert as “outsiders”. Returning to the present, while most of our planned events for the year (including Distinuished Lecturer visits) must remain “on hold”, we will continue to communicate with members as best as we can.

Of course, we all look forward to the resumption of our normal program as soon as possible. But don’t despair – professional engineers have a good track record in crises.

Please keep safe; and positive!

Mehrnaz Shoushtarian, PhD
Chair, IEEE Victorian Section

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