Antarctic and Southern Ocean Forum 2020

Hobart TAS 7000 Hobart TAS 7000

Forum Topic/Details The Forum will consist of a single stream with encouragement for discussion and questions. Sessions will be organized around the following five themes: 1.  Autonomous observing a.      ROV/AUV/ASV Technology b.      Communications gateways eg surface vehicles c.       Control system development d.      Deep autonomy / under-ice navigation – gliders, Argo floats e.      Atmospheric sampling from land and sea (autonomous balloons, Lidar, Cloud radar and atmospheric profilers), weather stations, moorings f.        Intelligence sensing / sampling g.      Autonomy in a polar environment. 2.     Observation Technologies a.      Atmospheric Lidar, Cloud radar and Atmospheric Profilers b.      Miniaturisation, automation and ruggedization of instrumentation, (multiple    deployment of low cost samplers) c.       Long-term instrument stability, self-calibration d.      Problems of high latitude and long range operation e.      Ice profiling instruments, englacial & sub-glacial instrument deployment, new drilling  technology/methods f.        Acoustics at high latitudes – navigation, data and tomography g.      Advanced drifter technology, h.      Airborne deployment of oceanographic instruments i.        Mission risk assessment j.      Continuous plankton recording k.     In situ fluorometers & particle analysers 3.       Sustained measurements a.      Oceanographic mooring technologies b.      Remote sensing and satellite calibration c.       Animal borne sensors – developments, data streams and methods 4.       Biology and biomass a.      Fisheries and mid-water acoustics b.      Genomics sampling and sensing 5.    Data Science a.      Data Storage – long-term monitoring, swappable data b.      Data Transfer – real time monitoring; event triggering c.       Data processing for new under-ice data sets d.      Instrument communications and tracking