Thought to movement using a minimally invasive brain-machine interface

Melbourne University Brown Theatre, Level 1, EEE Building

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to control something with your mind? Come join us for an exciting academic talk by Dr Sam John of The University of Melbourne’s Vascular Bionics laboratory on their amazing stentrode brain-machine interface. In this talk, Dr John will discuss their research journey from conception of the idea to clinical trials and beyond. A brief abstract of their research is given below: Brain machine interface (BMI) is an artificial communication channel that bypasses damaged neurons and uses thoughts to control the movement of physical robots. Traditional BMI’s need invasive open brain surgery and are associated with a high risk to patients. The Vascular Bionics laboratory is trying to achieve recording of brain activity without open brain surgery making BMI’s safer for patients. To do this they developed the stentrode device which incorporates recording electrodes onto a metal scaffold which can be implanted inside a blood vessel in the brain. This device aims to improve the quality of life for people with paralysis by enabling thought controlled robotic interfaces. Attending this event is absolutely FREE and open to all UniMelb students and IEEE members with pizza and refreshments supplied after the talk. Seats are limited and filling fast, so please register your attendance at: