History of Broadcasting in Australia

RMIT University

Abstract Did you know that the history of broadcasting is fascinating, and that broadcasting in Australia has some unique and unusual features : - The Sealed Set system of broadcasting is believed to be unique to Australia – what was the sealed set? Australia was the first place to have dual commercial and government-operated stations – how and why did the system evolve? What is the background to our radio call signs? Why was 3AK given a number of restrictions to its licence, issued in 1931? Australia had three mobile stations, operating from trains, trucks and ships! Television experiments started on Melbourne radio stations 3UZ and 3DB, as early as 1929! What types of programs were broadcast in radio’s formative years? What were the positive and negative effects of television on radio broadcasting? What is broadcasting like in the computer age? Biography Albert Isaacs has been interested in the history of broadcasting since childhood.  He has made programs for community radio stations.  However, most of his career was spent in hobby retail, but in recent years he ran a professional writing service, providing such things as Resumés, proofreading, etc.  He is now officially retired but spends much time lecturing at the University of the Third Age on his various hobbies including: broadcasting; 78 rpm recordings; movies; railways and tramways; religion; books; history (particularly local history and the history of Jews in Australia). For any enquiries, please contact: Alan Harvey Acupak00@hotmail.com