The Victorian IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) have been recognised by the global IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC). It is my pleasure to inform you all that  WIE Committee selected the IEEE Victorian WIE Affinity Group as the recipient of the 2015 WIE Affinity Group of the Year Award. This an outstanding recognition of the hard work and dedication of the volunteers and I am extremely pleased to hear the news.

The IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) awards and recognition program is designed to recognize WIE members and Affinity Groups who have made an outstanding contribution to WIE, their  community, and the engineering community, through their dedication and involvement in projects or activities directed toward fulfilling the WIE goals and objectives. The IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group of the Year Award is given annually to only one WIE Affinity Group and one WIE Student Affinity Group that have shown outstanding leadership and initiative in organising activities.

Dr. Eehui Lim, immediate past chair of the WIE affinity group had the following to say:

I am highly grateful that our WIE group has been receiving full support from so many of you, which made it possible for us to achieve so much. We have received endless support from the section and I especially would like thank Tony Gascoigne, Enn Vinnal and Golnar Khomami for their incredible support and innovative ideas for the WIE. Special thanks to Eddie Custovic, Andre Oboler and Nishad Mendis for their time and effort with the award nomination and your continuous kind support of our activities.

1For my fellow WIE committee, I am reminiscing our days programming, sewing, planning and running the workshops and events, writing proposals, finding collaborators and sponsors, attending our fortnightly meeting, chasing UPS/Fedex for delivery of components, stressing about the wearable designs, models, lighting, makeup artist… with a smile on our faces. I know it gave us a great sense of achievement when we saw the student’s eyes light up with the LEDs or when one of our fashion students excitingly told us that she wanted to build a robot. This award provides us with great recognition on top of that, and I hope it will help us spread the word and promote out program worldwide. We have a really great team and we are doing something truly special. Again I am really grateful for your selfless dedication for our WIE mission.

Under the current leadership of Nalika, our WIE group has already run a number of exciting events. Let’s continue our passion for the group and aim for another great year.

Congratulations to all of the IEEE Victorian Section Women in Engineering members for their outstanding and exemplary leadership and dedication.

The 2015 committee

Chair: Ee Hui Lim
Vice-Chair: Mehrnaz Shoushtarian
Treasurer: Annick Boghossian
Secretary: Nalika Dona

Webmaster: Ruwini Edirisinghe